If you plan on remodeling your kitchen floor this summer, but you’re on a tight budget, don’t give up hope! There are always cheap but beautiful kitchen flooring choices. Whether you are choosing new kitchen flooring for style or whether it is for a green design, these top three cheapest kitchen flooring options can help.

Vinyl can be both luxurious and affordable

Vinyl The cheapest of all kitchen flooring options, vinyl comes in a huge variety of colors and styles, as well as shapes and sizes. From basic stick-on tiles to entire sheets, vinyl kitchen flooring is one of the most common kitchen flooring options.

Vinyl flooring can easily be done DIY or installed professionally at a reasonable price. Stick-on or glued vinyl tiles can be arranged to copy a variety of real tile options. From stone to marble to checkerboard, vinyl is versatile. Best of all, it’s softer on the feet than conventional tile. That’s good news when you’re washing the dishes or cooking on the stove.

Affordable Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum Similar to vinyl but without the unfriendly environmental concerns, linoleum is made from sustainable and recycled materials. Wood flour, pine resin and linseed oils are pressed and heated into sheets or tiles in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Birmingham homeowners will enjoy the ease of cleaning that vinyl provides.

While it costs a little more than vinyl, it does have all of the same features without the environmental concerns. Easily installed DIY or professionally, linoleum can duplicate a wide variety of kitchen flooring options such as wood, tile and stone.

Looking for more affordable ideas for a kitchen remodel? Check out this post by Okinus for more inspiration on designing your new kitchen. Or if you’re running out of space and always struggling to find that mixer or colander behind everything else in your cabinets, Table and Thyme has you covered with their list of kitchen organizational tips that can help you out between remodels.

Porcelain kitchen tiles are surprisingly affordable

Porcelain – If you’re not fooling yourself with faux wood and tile, why not spring for the real deal? Porcelain tile has all of the same features as typical kitchen flooring tile options, but without the high price. DIY or professionally installed, porcelain tiles can replicate any design, color or style that conventional flooring tile has.

Stone hues and colors are a common sight in kitchen flooring options. Easily replicated in light earthy tones to polished marble to natural stone, porcelain tiles can give you the natural stone look you desire, but without breaking the bank.

Installed just like conventional tile and stone, porcelain tiles can handle high traffic areas like a kitchen with ease. Porcelain tiles are also easily adaptable to under flooring heating solutions, making porcelain tiles the most versatile of the top three cheapest kitchen flooring options.

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