The floor design is a make or break for every house from a design standpoint. It can make a home look small or big compared to its actual size. It can also help in improving the overall design and aesthetics of a room. Custom flooring offers the option of changing from the tired, old floors you’ve had since you moved in years ago to enhanced designs with more durable materials. Flooring is an easy update that can help your home look its best.


Custom Home Flooring Installations in Birmingham

Thinking about a flooring update? Below is a list of the top 5 flooring trends that can help you decide on what to use in your house:

Waterproof Floor

With a new year comes new technology that allows you to have a wood-like feeling in your bathroom and kitchen without incurring the cost of damage. When we think of water resistant flooring options, porcelain tile may immediately come to mind, but a newer material called luxury vinyl plank also makes a great floor covering for bathrooms and kitchens. This option gives you the wood-like feeling that requires minimal maintenance and water resistance; thus, it will serve you for longer.

The design has very many options to choose from in terms of the color range and texture. It combines laminate hardwood and traditional laminate to give a sharp-looking floor that will leave your house with a classic design.

The newer waterproof carpet offerings are another design hitting the market by a storm. Who would have thought that the term waterproof and carpet would exist in the same sentence?

For those living in central Alabama and its surroundings, Holmes Flooring is a company that can make this happen as they offer expert services and excellent quality materials. from many of the top brands in the flooring industry. Our installers have over 15,000 projects under their belts and we’re here to help you pick the right flooring option for your home or place of business.

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Creative pattern

New designs of patterned hardwood floors add a spin to the traditional look. It also makes a room look bigger. This custom option is ideal for small spaces and kitchen areas to give them that wide feel. It is also useful for a minimalist design as it adds a pop to the house.

Green Floors

This trend is picking up as individuals strive to keep the world and ecosystem alive. Green floors use reclaimed wood or environmentally friendly materials like the cork and bamboo that regenerate, reducing in the number of trees cut for hardwood floors.

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People who focus on this option are also usually interested in where the flooring material came from and how toxin-free it is to their loved ones. Choose a low VOC flooring option like bamboo for cleaner indoor air.

Carpet flooring

This trend has been there for a few decades. Electric appliances made it more practical to maintain carpeting indoors over a hundred years ago. However, the carpet flooring’s improvement has seen the emergence of waterproof¬† and ‘pet-proof’ carpet floors that are easier to clean and maintain than ever. If you’ve avoided carpet due to severe allergies, you’ll be glad to learn that modern nylon fibers actually tend to repel potential allergens and are much better for your sinuses than some of the older materials.

Carpet flooring is a bit easier to install than the rest and it’s usually more cost-effective. It also comes in varied patterns that capture various home designs.

Holmes Flooring offers a wide array of carpet flooring designs that will suit the house’s interior and exterior while staying true to your preference.

Wood flooring ‘look-alikes’ that mimic true hardwood flooring

Wood has been a most sought-after material and still is. However, its limitation to the areas it can cover has seen the rise of ceramics, vinyl, and laminate tiles that mimic wood textures.

These new flooring trends are a better option for those living in cold areas or for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, to give a uniform look in the house, wood-like flooring becomes handy.

There are various types of custom flooring options you can utilize. Choose a design that is not only cost-friendly in installing but easy to maintain too. If you’re in the greater Birmingham area, look to Holmes Flooring for expert advice and a free in-home consultation.