Reason #5: More Attention to Detail and Focus

A lot goes on with a big box brand. Lowe’s and Home Depot and other national chains are constantly dealing with a wide variety of customers who all want different things and have different flooring needs. It can be difficult for them to focus on one job, and they may not even show up for the install!

Focused on YOUR Flooring

With a local provider in Birmingham, AL, that’s not a problem. A small box store like Holmes Flooring has less customers. That means they can focus on your job, which means they have a greater eye for details and can really focus on what you need, whether it’s a simple linoleum sheet floor in your kitchen or a 15,000 square foot Shaw laminate wood commercial install.

Fewer customers means more attention paid to you and less distraction. It also means that your installers will have a deeper knowledge of your project and what it means to you. They’ll be able to meet your exact needs because they understand them so well.

Hiring a Local Provider for Your Flooring

At the end of the day, hiring locally in Birmingham, AL means you benefit from:

  • A lower total cost for your flooring project
  • All Star, experienced veteran flooring specialists
  • Faster job completion
  • A faster start time
  • Trusted, local owners who you can meet
  • Greater attention to detail
  • Local warranties that are easier to honor
  • 5 Star Service

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